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Our online LIVE masterclass has everything you need to plan, develop, and launch
a successful 6-figure crowdfunding campaign

6 Pillar Overview (The Blueprint)

1.  Master the crowdfunding fundamentals & kickstart your launch

  • Unlock the hidden potential of the crowdfunding ecom model that eliminates risk and allows you to collect cash up front BEFORE manufacturing your product
  • Learn the crowdfunding fundamentals: optimize your funding goal, choose the ideal campaign duration, and get your project approved
  • Align your crowdfunding strategy to your product & brand development efforts and long term goals

2.  Establish a compelling brand story to engage your earliest fans

  • Develop a compelling brand story & product USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that transform your ideal customers into brand ambassadors
  • Rally your earliest fans BEFORE you launch to help organically amplify your marketing reach (your most powerful community asset)
  • Dial in on your target messaging & communication to connect with your ideal customers in their language and get them excited

3.  Develop a solid marketing strategy that drives impact

  • Leverage Facebook Advertising to target your ideal customers, drives sales, and maximize conversion rate
  • Learn how to optimize and scale your advertising efforts by crafting top performing ads optimize your funding goal, choose the ideal campaign duration, and get your project approved
  • Create an effective PR outreach strategy to engage influencers and media publications for viral exposure

4.  Create an compelling high-converting campaign

  • Create your ultimate marketing asset: your crowdfunding campaign page, to build hype and establish your brand
  • Craft a compelling narrative with engaging sales copy, high quality photos, and a cohesive brand aesthetic that turns visitors into raving supporters
  • Understand how to create evergreen media assets (sales copy, photos, videos) that enable your to have a powerful launch and be leveraged post-launch to grow your brand

5.  Make a big splash by launching a killer campaign

  • Learn the optimal execution strategy to avoid costly mistakes and achieve a powerful launch that will allow you to hit your funding goal within 48 hours
  • Continue the sales momentum throughout your campaign using effective cross-promotion, referral, and upsell strategies
  • Finish your campaign strong by scaling your Facebook advertising efforts and using urgency based email strategies

6.  Maximize revenue and leverage your launch results

  • Use proven strategies to increase revenue by 30-200% through upsells, crossells, and a unique extended pre-order campaign strategy ALL before place your manufacturing order
  • Get supporters excited to create User Generated Content (UGC) that you can leverage to create compelling testimonials and social proof to drive future sales (reviews, photos, unboxing videos, blog posts, etc)
  • Scale your successful launch seamlessly into the ecom sales channel you choose (Amazon, Shopify, etc) and tap into the power of wholesale partnerships for greater sales diversity

The 6-figure Product Launch Blueprint Masterclass

Limited to the first 5 students! We're only taking entrepreneurs who are serious about the success of their next product launch.

Apply today for the first cohort starting in April!
(Limited to the first 9 students)

Don't just take our word for it.
Here's what other entrepreneurs have to say about our proven track record of success.

Johnny provided really valuable insight on building my Kickstarter campaign and validating my product/price point before launch. He gave me great information on what costs to expect, the timeline for launching and provided the key strategies that helped raise over $500k for my new prouct (far exceeding my own expectations).

The Playground team gave me the confidence and understanding to raise $120K for my product launch. It's very uncommon for food products to do well in crowdfunding, but the strategies and tactics I learned allowed me to leverage my existing audience and create a unique brand story that surpassed my funding goal by more than 300%.

I have a marketing background, but crowdfunding was totally new to me. Playground Theory was able to identify key areas for me to focus my marketing launch efforts and were such a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for an experienced team to work with to launch your project, the Playground team will help you achieve and surpass your funding goals.

Learn how entrepreneurs are raising 5x-30x more funding with crowdfunding on Kickstarter over traditional ecom launch strategies

Hi fellow entrepreneur!

I’m Johnny Loh, Co-founder of Playground Theory - a mentorship program and community that helps inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs like you to launch successful products online. Since 2014, I’ve personally helped dozens of entrepreneurs and international brands with their product launches.

I love working with entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life and see them create a positive impact in the world through their ideas!

Just like you, I’ve learned that hands-on experience is the best teacher.

Failure has taught me a TON of tough lessons (like losing $150,000 of my own money in several failed products). 

But for me, thankfully I’ve learned that failure is an inevitable byproduct on the path to success. I learned quickly from my failures and amassed over +$7 Million in successful launches. 

If you had to ask me: “What’s the one key secret to your success?”

The answer I’d give you is simple: it's a hugely overlooked opportunity called “crowdfunding”.

So what is crowdfunding and why should you care?

Crowdfunding is an overlooked and under-utilized ecommerce model that allows early adopters to pre-order products and services BEFORE it even exists. Inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs raise funds to bring their novel ideas to life, pay for their first manufacturing run, and lay the foundation for their brands, allowing them to scale into million dollar companies.  

The largest and most well known crowdfunding platform is Kickstarter.

The 6-figure Product Launch Blueprint Masterclass

Limited to the first 5 students! we're only taking entrepreneurs who are serious about the success of their next product launch.

Apply today for the first cohort starting in April!
(Limited to the first 9 students)

We proved the impossible. Reaching the top 1% of Kickstarter projects, not once but TWICE for our own products.

What did we learn from launching 2x record breaking Kickstarter projects in a row? We proved to ourselves that it wasn’t just a fluke. There is definitely something we were able to achieve thanks to crowdfunding that other ecom entrepreneurs couldn’t by traditional means.

So after these two amazing product launches, we realized there was a huge opportunity. One that we had to share with other entrepreneurs.

Here are the benefits of crowdfunding on Kickstarter that the rest of the ecom industry was missing out on:

💰 We received 100% of the funds UPFRONT before placing a purchase order: Customers place ‘pre-orders’ for your product and you get the cash upfront! Gauge demand for your product and eliminate the unnecessary risk of paying for a large inventory upfront before launch. 

🔩 All we needed was a prototype to raise funds: Believe it or not, all our marketing assets were created from a SINGLE working prototype! Yet we were still able to raise all that money!

🙌 We rallied our first 1000 raving fans and received valuable feedback about the product: The HARDEST part of building a brand and launching a new product is building your fanbase. Thanks to our Kickstarter campaigns, not only did we receive hundreds of raving reviews and user generated content, our customers gave us valuable feedback that allowed us to further improve our product before manufacturing. 

📈 25% of the funds came from Kickstarter’s audience: 25% of our total funds raised came from regular Kickstarter visitors browsing the site. The organic reach and conversion rate was CRAZY!

🎯 Better positioned for bigger deals after the launch: A successful crowdfunding campaign becomes a marketing asset that you can use to create bigger opportunities. Gain traction with investors, distribution partners, and major retailers, the upside is HUGE!

🚀 We raised an additional 50% in post-campaign upsells and add-ons: Not only is the crowdfunding community highly engaged, they are BIG SPENDERS. With no additional marketing dollars, we made an additional 50% in revenue in upsells and add-ons!

These performance metrics are unheard of in the ecom world, yet we producted these results consistently for multiple launches.

That’s when we decided to launch our 6-Figure Product Launch Blueprint Masterclass.

Why launch this online course now?

With the current business climate caused by COVID-19, we’ve seen many businesses struggle to maintain momentum and many ecom entrepreneurs realizing the importance of building a business and brand that’s sustainable and flexible–even amidst a recession.

So, for the first time we’ve decided to create this 6-figure Product Launch Blueprint Masterclass with the strategies, templates, and secrets we personally used to generate over +$7M in successful product launches by leveraging crowdfunding.

This is perfect for the current ecom landscape because customers will order your product BEFORE you risk purchasing inventory. It provides 2 main benefits:

  1. You eliminate risk and generate cash flow by having a profitable launch
  2. You capitalize on your successful launch to create a real brand asset that allows for your business to have sustainable success

In this 6-week crash course, we reveal how we architect successful launches consistently so that you have everything you need to launch your next product. 

Launch your next product successfully and take control of your business’ success and sustainability.

Apply today! We're only taking serious candidates

Since this is the first time we're offering this online program, we want to give our first cohort of students the absolute BEST experience. Apply today and get special sign-up bonuses if you qualify for the first cohort!

Apply today for the first cohort starting in April!
(Limited to the first 9 students)

BONUS 1: 1-on-1 Initial Customer Strategy Session ($997 Value)

  • ​Receive a personalized 90 minute 1-on-1 coaching session where we consult you on your product launch and business growth game plan.
  • Get customized recommendations on how to most effectively and efficiently take advantage of this 6-week program to reach your ecom goals.

BONUS 2: Weekly 90-minute group coaching Q&A sessions ($897 Value)

  • ​Get access to our live coaching Q&A sessions where we provide support around the main topics needed to execute your product launch.
  • You’ll have opportunities to get direct mentorship from us and ask any questions that will help you succeed.
  • ​When you join the 6-Figure Product Launch Blueprint Masterclass today, you'll get access to our group coaching calls for a full 6 months.

BONUS 3: Live Masterclass #1: Kickstarter and Crowdfunding Fundamentals Deep Dive ($497 Value)

  • Master the ecom model that 99% of ecom entrepreneurs don’t understand and don’t know how to leverage.
  • Get a comprehensive break down of this unique ecommerce channel and launch model so you know exactly how to take advantage of crowdfunding for launching your next product and growing your brand.
  • Get detailed walk throughs of case studies in various product niches to uncover how different brands successfully transitioned from crowdfunding into massive brands on platforms such as Amazon and Shopify by leveraging their initial launches.


Live Masterclass #2: Learn our framework to Position any Product to Maximize your Conversion Rate ($500 Value)

  • ​In this masterclass we break down the framework that allows you to craft a compelling USP so that you can target your ideal customers and maximize your conversion rate.
  • The skill of creating an attractive USP is essential for making all of your future products stand out and can also be applied to giving your existing products a boost.

BONUS 5: Crowdfunding Video Hacking ($397 Value)

  • ​Learn the secrets of making a compelling crowdfunding video that gets customers HOOKED within the first 30 seconds, maximizes purchases, and has viral shareability.
  • Become a master of storytelling and learn the biggest video mistakes to avoid that can sabotage your launch and lose sales.
  • Top performing, high converting fill-in-the-blank video script templates to use for your own product launch video.
  • How to shoot amazing professional looking video using only your smartphone or point-and-shoot camera.

Still not sure if this is the right invenstment for you?

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If you end up feeling this program isn't for you, you can have complete peace of mind with our 30-DAY NO RISK MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

To eliminate any risk for you, the 6-figure Product Launch Blueprint Masterclass comes with an unconditional 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.

If for ANY reason you decide this program isn’t right for you, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you a 100% refund.

You get to try out 70% of the 6-week online training, download the templates from our resource vault, and get 1-on-1 coaching from our instructors completely RISK-FREE.

If this online training isn’t everything we’ve promised, then simply let us know and you’ll get your entire investment back, no questions asked.

I’m an engineer and decided to start my ecom journey last year. I got in touch with the Playground team to understand the best way to pursue a product launch using crowdfunding and they really knew the strategy inside and out. They helped me with pre-launch, setting up my campaign page, and developing the content strategy for my video. They also gave me crucial feedback to refine my market position and branding message. I could not have raised as much money without them.

The Playground team have been instrumental in helping us scale our existing ecommerce business by introducing us to the crowdfunding model. With guidance from Playground, I pivoted my original launch to Kickstarter; they walked me through the entire process: from product validation, to financial planning and pre/post launch execution. Playground Theory was able to provide us with the framework and strategy that was critical to our success. Above all, the Playground team is down to earth and really dependable!

The Playground
Playbook Vault

A key component of our proven crowdfunding product launch framework is our ever evolving black book of resources that we use to build our own successful crowdfunding campaigns. And it’s now yours as a member of the Playground community. 


You get exclusive access to our private vault of resources, tools, and contacts WE USE to build our own businesses. You can’t get these resources ANYWHERE outside of this program. Anything and everything you need to build a successful product launch is here all in one place for you to access and benefit from.

  • For example, get multiple copy-and-paste supplier contact templates, email nurture campaign templates, PR deck templates, and other powerful, proven templates you can use for your own launch to save time and create a killer launch.
  • Also get private contact details of professional services WE USE for in our own businesses such as photographers, videographers, freight forwarders, sourcing agents, Facebook ad agencies that specialize in crowdfunding, and more.
  • The best part? The vault continues to evolve as we update it. Get access to the very same resources and tools that have helped us to be successful.
  • You’ll have a huge advantage over other ecom sellers who don’t have access to these exclusive materials and be better positioned to have a hugely lucrative product launch.

Have an awesome idea for a product that you're ready to launch?

The 6-figure Product Launch training is the culmination of 4 years of experience in crowdfunding. Apply today to unlock the secrets for your next product launch.

Apply today for the first cohort starting in April!
(Limited to the first 9 students)

We turned our product launch system into a repeatable formula to help other entrepreneurs and creators achieve the same results for their ideas using crowdfunding.

And we've achieved remarkable results time and time again.

With help from Playground Theory, I was able to navigate towards a successful launch that was 20X above my funding goal for my second crowdfunding campaign. Their system is rock solid; once might have been a fluke but working with their system a second time I know that I couldn’t have achieved this without them. Since the launch of my second project I’ve been growing my brand by 30% month over month.

The Playground Team are masters of their craft. They’ve perfected a system that really works for launching new products. On our third project working with them they continued to deliver value and expertise that was invaluable to the success of my campaign. They were crucial in helping us to navigate the COVID ecommerce climate and gave us the confidence to launch during these uncertain times. Our third project was our best project yet reaching over $200K!

Playground Theory provided amazing guidance and advice all throughout our mentorship. They were able to identify key areas to improve my launch strategy after reviewing my campaign. You can tell that they’ve studied a lot about different Kickstarter successes and have internalized the most important principles, from product development, to branding, to audience validation, to pricing strategy. If you're serious about launching a solid campaign get their advice before pressing launch! I'm grateful that I did.

who are
about learning

The 6-figure Product Launch Blueprint is the culmination of 4 years of launching products using crowdfunding–a powerful system for solo entrepreneurs, bootstrapped startups and even big budget brands.

Whether you aim to raise $10,000 or $1 million for your product launch, our blueprint will help you to fast track your launch and identify key areas to prioritize to help you maximize your profit and minimize unnecessary risk.

The 6-figure Product Launch Blueprint is for you if you’re ...

  • A self starter and ready to invest the time & effort to succeed
  • Considering crowdfunding as the platform to launch your next product
  • Have a unique selling position that you’re ready to bring to market

Who this isn’t for …

  • People without a clear idea of what product to launch
  • New ecommerce entrepreneurs with zero marketing or branding experience
  • Products that already exist online or don’t have a unique selling position

What are you waiting for?

If you're serious about the success of your next product launch, you should have proven tools and strategies to maximize your profit. Apply today and learn the secret strategies that allowed us to reach over $7 million in successful launches.

Apply today for the first cohort starting in April!
(Limited to the first 9 students)

A former mechatronics engineer turned video producer and now ecom entrepreneur. Johnny has over 10 years of experience as a branding expert, digital media marketer and innovative storyteller. Leveraging his unique creative skills to design innovative products (like AVENSI Coffee enhancing glassware) and generate +1 Million views for viral videos, Johnny’s diverse background has led him to work with brands like Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Nespresso, Campbell's, and Shangri-La.

A serial entrepreneur who’s passionate about launching and growing brands. As a founder focused on marketing, brand strategy, and growth hacking–he’s built brands in the tech-startup, digital marketing, and now e-commerce worlds. He helped launch and grow the products division of a group-buying company to over $1M/month. Most recently, 2 of his own products broke the all-time best launch results in their niches. 

A corporate banker with a knack for learning turned his desire to help entrepreneurs into a passion of building businesses. He takes the successes of his career in multinational companies and applies them to foster small and effective teams. His breadth of industry and management experience has coached several startups to adopt workflow and management practices to successfully adapt and thrive in their ever-changing marketplaces.

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