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Ready to launch your next product? Worried about taking huge financial risks on your launch with little guarantee of an ROI in the first 6 months?

In this training series, learn the secrets behind a proven product launch strategy that is overlooked by the rest of the ecom industry! (hint: it's not Amazon or Shopify

Video 1

Kickstarter vs Ecom platforms:
What makes Kickstarter more effective for launching products over other platforms like Amazon? Stop taking on unnecessary risk and losing profit on your launches.

Video 2

Change the game by getting funded with pre-orders:
What makes Kickstarter so powerful? Learn the secrets to having a PROFITABLE launch, eliminating risk, and building a long-term sustainable brand.

Video 3

5 BIG Launch mistakes to avoid:
Want to raise +$100K for your product launch? Learn how to profit on every sale & avoid costly mistakes with these key insights.

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The Multiplier Launch Guide:
Download and copy our worksheets & checklists that cover the 4 key launch pillars to reach your 6-figure funding goal.

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